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The city of Chicago along with anyone else with an ear and heart for real hip hop have been anticipating the South Side Chicago native YP’s second mix tape appropriately titled No Sleep. No Sleep presented by & DJ dropped on December 14th and we want all of our FULL BLAST readers to take full advantage of some must have music for the Holidays! Following YP’s first album titled Classified released in 2009 and his first mix tape Next Up (hosted by DJ Sean Mac & DJ Head Debiase) released in 2010, YP has created No Sleep from real life experiences, undeniable ambition, intellect, lyrical strength and of course no sleep! Growing up in a city like Chicago YP is able to use his music to relate to his listeners with real life heart felt music without the fluff.

Being closely mentored by one of hip hop’s icons Q-Tip, YP has the mind frame of an artist. When asked his relationship with Q-Tip he says, “Q-Tip, that’s my big brother. I text him periodically and let him know what I’m on. I give him almost like a progress report and he gives his feed back when he feels he needs to. It was more of a relationship with me to find out who I was as a person to understand the artistry.” YP explains, “An artist is someone who paints pictures. Hip hop is the only genre of music where we don’t call artist, artist. We call them rappers and that’s bogus as hell. It shouldn’t be that at all. An artist is some one who uses an easel, paint brush to paint you a vivid picture. My easel is my pad and my paint brush is my pen. I use that and I go all the way in like I’m drawing you the coldest Picasso replica you ever seen.”

In a time where we are seeing a lot of people “making” music just for the sake of “making” music, YP is a breathe a fresh air giving real street music along with a real message wrapped in an articulate package. “It’s a lot of artist here in Chicago. We have a big ass pool of talent. Everyone has a different approach to how they want to speak about their struggle or whatever they want to tell us about. We all have unique ways of telling it. People follow trends, but I don’t really see that too much here.” One song on No Sleep titled “Pray For Em” featuring Kamilah Sumner, is in regards to the youth that is being killed at an alarming rate. “I want you to understand that I am real. I’m not going to over step my boundaries. I always promise to be relatable. I don’t want people to listen to my music and be like ‘I have absolutely no clue what he’s talking about.’ Whenever you hear my music or whenever you walk away I want you to be able to say either ‘I felt dude or I don’t like what he’s talking about. I want you to have your own opinion and be able to create one from listening to my music. I don’t want people to think I’m a trend or a phase. I’m more than that I want people to be able to grow with me as an artist.” When asked who he would like to work with in the future YP answers, “My arms are extended to anyone with some type of movement going on. I would love to work with Ski Beats out of New York. He did a lot of production on Jay-Z’s first album and he’s doing a lot of work with Curren$y.”

If you missed the release on December 14th, 2010 be sure to snag your copy of No Sleep on deck for the holidays! YP has decided to keep this mix tape solely focused on his craft and showing how he is developing as an artist. YP says, “I have definitely grown musically since Next Up. The content is different. An artist gets better with experiences. There is only so much you can talk about. Within these two mix tapes I’ve been through a lot. I’ve learned how to make my personal experiences more relatable. I learned how to expand my content and horizons to touch more and more people.” Along with giving your ears some real hip hop this Christmas YP also has some other things in store. YP has No Sleep T-shirts and sweat shirts that will be available at boutique’s in Chicago and on his website which Goodie Bag and Monkey Business Décor collaborated on. “This is my gift to everybody for Christmas. So Merry Christmas!,” he says with a laugh. When asked about his future plans YP answers, “I plan to make YP a house hold name. I’ve been seeing those commercials for the yellow pages, man. When you think of YP I don’t want you to think of the yellow pages. I want you to think of YP, me! Your Problem! That guy!”

Follow YP on twitter @YP27 and visit his website for updates and new music!

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