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Vina Mills: “It’s Vina Mills” (Full Blast Magazine)

Vina Mills: “It’s Vina Mills” (Full Blast Magazine)


Detroit native Vina Mills is introducing her sound that she calls “Electric Soul” to the music industry one step at a time and she plans to keep it moving! Her current single “Go Girl” is a bold and different anthem for the go getters and ambitious girls. Just this past year Vina Mills has toured with and opened up for artist like Lloyd, Lil Wayne, Mary J. Blige, Fantasia, and other music vets. Appearing on BET’s 106&Park a couple of times, Mills is getting ready to release her first album and her fans can’t wait. We got the chance to speak with Vina about her upcoming album, growing up in Detroit, and what she’s bringing to the ever changing music industry!

vina millsFull Blast Magazine: Your music has been described as alternative R&B. Explain what that sound is like?

Vina Mills: I usually call my sound “Electric Soul” because I don’t like to limit myself with just one genre of music you know it’s a lot of everything. I’m working on an EP now called Queen and you guys will get to hear it, but it’s not just R&B, it’s not just Pop, it’s not just Soul, it’s not just anything and I didn’t want to box myself by saying one of those names. I just made up my own genre. (laughs) We call it “Electric Soul”. People take from it what they take from it when they hear it, but that’s what I like to call it.

FBM: How was it for you growing up in Detroit trying to make it in the business with a different sound?

Vina Mills: Well the sound grew over time. It was interesting. I come from a musical home. My dad was a musician and he sang and played instruments for different people so I kind of grew up learning music. As a child we were kind of poor and a lot of the things we would do for fun would be music. He taught me how to read music and the proper way of writing songs and that was my way of having fun opposed to hanging out and playing with toys I would just do music. It’s just been imbedded in me. I wouldn’t say it was something I always dreamed, but it kind of became who I am because of my upbringing. Naturally growing up in Detroit music was imbedded in me, period. There’s a small music scene in the city so all of us kind of know each other. We hang out at the same places and we perform at the same places. It’s the same experience as anyone else would have coming from an inner city. We’re not New York or LA or one of those places where there are a lot of opportunity. I just keep my eye on the prize and on winning.

FBM: Over the last six months you’ve graced the stage with some music vets. How was that experience?

Vina Mills: It was a blessing! They all embraced me with open arms, Mary J. Blige probably being the closest bond. She gave me great advice. I hear a lot of new artist complaining about being an opening act, but to me it’s just a blessing. It’s a great opportunity because I’m exposing myself to their audience and I’m just blessed to be able to do that so I’m excited. I love it.

FBM: What are you looking to bring to the music industry?

Vina Mills: I can only be myself. I really want to bring inspiration and confidence to people, especially women. We have so much pressure in today’s society in my generation and just pressure being young women growing up, especially in the music industry. This whole album speaks of ambition, confidence, celebrating who you are, celebrating femininity, and individuality whatever that may be. I enjoy when people are comfortable and confident in their own skin. I’m confident and extremely ambitious. This whole album is bold and loud. You can literally feel the ambition through my voice! Everybody relates to what’s real.

FBM: What inspired “Go Girl” and what made you pick this as your single?

Vina Mills: You know what’s so crazy the same thing happened with a song I did called “Love Again”. They were never suppose to be singles. I like to take my time with making music, but my supporters are always asking me to put something out so I’ll just release something virally and it turns into something crazy. With “Love Again” I didn’t really release that one. I let one of my friends in Detroit who is a radio DJ hear it and he fell in love with it and premiered it on the radio. It just became a single and we had to catch up to the buzz and the same thing happened with “Go Girl”. The fans make it a single.

FBM: What new music should we be looking for from you?

Vina Mills: Well I’m not about to expose the singles because they change with my mind. (laughs) The album is called “Queen” so you can look forward to that. I’m going to do a late summer release. I’m extremely excited about it and I hope it inspires the world and I hope people gain confidence and inspiration from it.

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