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Streetz & Young Dueces

Streetz & Young Deuces


Who is Streetz and Young Deuces? Two rap artist from the Midwest that I highly recommend you get to know! These two blood cousins are here to make some noise and they’re not leaving until everyone has heard. Born and raised in Milwaukee,WI Steetz and Young Deuces are like the Yen and Yang of hip hop in the Midwest region. Their undeniable hunger for success has landed them in a position to change the way the Midwest is viewed in the hip hop community. Since 2006 Streetz and Young Deuces have been making a name for themselves. When they graced “The Source Magazine” in ’06 the unsigned duo started to circulate a lot of hype around them. You may have also seen them in Hip Hop Weekly, Ozone Magazine, and Rago Magazine to name a few so it is only right that the hottest online magazine right now(FULL BLAST) see what they’re about!

Their mixtape titled, We Want In Vol. 2 hosted by DJ G-Spot moved over 15,000 units independently through the streets and the internet. They then proved it is not a problem for them to do numbers! Although they’ve gotten little support from local radio stations, other outside stations have welcomed Streetz and Young Deuces with open arms. WQHT Hot 97 of New York and So So Def Radio in Atlanta keep a few Streetz and Young Deuces tracks on deck and if you’ve had a taste of their track “Mad Flavor” or felt the raw energy in “Who I Be” then you know why. Streetz and Young Deuces are two humbled, intelligent, and talented young men who is forcing other unsigned rap artist to step their game up. However, instead of coming in the game with a cocky and competitive attitude these two young men want to be pioneers for their region and put the Midwest on!

Without Streetz there is no Young Deuces and vice versa. The two bring essential elements to the duo that no one else can deliver the way they do. Streetz is the self proclaimed laid back half of the duo. “I’m more laid back,I roll with the punches. I’m easy going.” On the flip side you have Young Deuces who says, “We’re always on the same wave length, but with different approaches. We’re focused on the same goal. I’m the aggressive one out here. People are gonna see me. Sometimes Streetz has to tell me to calm down real quick and lets do it like this or I tell him lets amp it up a little and do it like this. We feed off of each other.”

Speaking with both Streetz and Young Deuces the chemistry between them is obvious. I got the vibe of a more laid back Red Man & Method Man. Young Deuces tells me, “We’ve been compared to a lot of good ones. People will say our chemistry is like Red Man & Method Man. They’ve said our lyrical content is like Chris and Young Neef, Clipse, UGK,’ve even been compared to Outkast. For people to at least mention us with those names is a blessing and an honor. Those are some classic hip hop duos that we respect.” Streetz adds in, “We’re happy to even be thought of with them, but we’re trying to build our own brand. We want to be the Streetz and Young Dueces to the Midwest, you know.”

oung Deuces continues to elaborate on the fact that they do what they do for the love of music and to also expose the world that there is good talent everywhere, including the Midwest. When asked if they feel the Midwest gets slept on in hip hop Young Deuces answers, “The Midwest has always been slept on a lot. Everybody gets their time and shine, but sometimes I feel like we’re not recognized for what we contribute. The Midwest has a lot of good talent with a humble aspect and we’re doing it for the love of the music.”

Drive and determination is leading Streetz and Young Dueces to the recognition that they deserve. Over the years they have been nominated for some pretty significant awards. “Best New up&Coming Artist”, ”Indy Group of the Year”, and just recently “Rap Duo of the Year” from Knock Down Entertainment. Streetz humbly brags, “We get nominated ALL the time (LOL). It’s a blessing to be nominated for something that you love doing.” Young Deuces co-signs, “Even though we’ve been nominated before, it blows our minds every time. It’s an honor. It’s showing us that people are noticing us. It’s a blessing all around.

Streetz and Young Deuces are here to make a lasting impression on hip hop. Streetz explains, “We are working towards bringing legacy. A lot of people are cool with having one hit and getting out. We come from a whole different out look on what we think hip hop is. We want to leave a mark and we’re trying to open doors for people from our region. We want to be pioneers. We want a career. We’re all for the struggle.” Young Deuces backs up his other half and says, “Know that we were always about the Midwest and contributing to the Midwest. With our story it’s that ‘Midwest struggle’. It’s time for some one to come hard. Like we are the Midwest! We are here!”

This summer Streetz and Young Deuces will be bringing a lot more heat to the streets! Coming up is the follow up to their mixtape “Straight Drop Music” hosted by DJ Head Debiase who is also an advocate Midwest represented from my hometome “Gun Rule”, Michigan! The mixtape will be titled “Straight Drop Music 2” and it is scheduled to drop July 4th. How appropriate is it for these independent artists to be dropping fire on Independence Day?! Be on the look out for the duo’s artist: B-Eazy, Mars, T.Keyz and B Dubb, Astro, Taliaferro, Payroll, and Patski. Streetz and Young Deuces also have an internet radio station that you all need to check out at! “We’re bringing in everybody from the Midwest. We’re an open book. Anybody can come in and work with us.”

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