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Sonny Digital: “Behind the Beat” (Full Blast Magazine)

Sonny Digital: “Behind the Beat” (Full Blast Magazine)


Sonny Digital is the man behind a lot of new hot beats and a few hit songs that the radio and clubs love. Producer of hit songs YC’s “Rack$” and Future’s “Same Damn Time,” 21 year-old Sonny Digital from Michigan came to Atlanta to make some noise. Being raised in Atlanta and heavily influenced by music, hard work, creativity, and fun ended up creating great opportunities for Sonny.

Working with and producing music for artist like 2Chainz, Future, Rick Ross, and Yo Gotti to start your career in Hip Hop is not a bad start at all. Appearing on 106th & Park along with other Hip Hop outlets, Sonny Digital is starting to catch the ear and eye of a lot people. Carrying a humble attitude and having a clear loyal fan base he interacts with on his Twitter, Sonny Digital has the qualities of a successful artist and he plans on turning up. Full Blast Magazine got the chance to speak with Sonny Digital about his future, goals, and staying focused on what he came for.

FBM: Being young within the music industry there can be some distractions. How do you stay focused?

Sonny Digital: You always have to surround yourself by the right people who are going to keep you working. I mean, sometimes you might get caught up and definitely at my age. I have lived to be 21 and you have to have the right people around you to keep your head on. You have to be motivated too. If you don’t work you don’t eat.

FBM: How old were you when you first started creating beats and producing and what inspired you to make music?

Sonny Digital: I was about 12 or 13. My older cousin came down from Michigan and really I picked it up from him. On top of that when I was younger everybody wanted to be a lil’ rapper or something and I was working on beats so I just picked up on it from that.

FBM: A lot of your songs right now are club songs and upbeat. Have you ever made any R&B beats or have you ever thought about getting into that genre?

Sonny Digital: Yea I’ve always been making R&B beats ever since I started. I can make any kind of beat like, pop beats. Most people come at me for the rap shit so that’s probably what you’ll hear more from me for the most part.

FBM: I know the “Rack$” beat was one of your first really successful songs. How did the success of that song change your life?

Sonny Digital: Yea, it changed my life. (laughs) The people started recognizing and respecting me, you know. I’d been working for a long time before “Rack$” came out. When it came out and my name started bubbling and people started seeing my name around. They’ll look back on certain things and see my name on it. Everybody started calling me wanting to work with me, but around that time it was kind of hard because I make all type of beats that I like making and people were calling me around that time wanting some shit that sounds like “Rack$”. So it was hard for me to try to duplicate that sound again and make it sound different at the same time.

FBM: You were recently on 106 & Park. How was your experience there?

Sonny Digital: It was pretty cool. I was actually just sitting down watching it a few minutes ago. It was crazy, but a good experience though.

FBM: Since you are so young and coming into the industry do you ever think about expanding your brand and becoming a mogul?

Sonny Digital: A while back I wasn’t thinking that big, but just recently being in Atlanta makes me want to show people I can do more than this, this shit is bigger you know what I’m sayin’. I feel like I can achieve that. I wanna show everybody that I can see it happening, but it’s going to take some time.

FBM: Who were some of your favorite people to work with?

Sonny Digital: 2 Chainz is a real cool dude. Future, I don’t know it’s a lot of people. I work with a lot of Indy artist too and I like to work with them because they always have that little drive in em’.

FBM: If you could work with anybody outside of the hip hop genre that could change your audience who would it be?

Sonny Digital: That’s easy man (laughs) I think everybody would pick somebody like Justin Beiber. You know that’ll change the money and everything. That could take me from a hip hop producer to a world-wide producer. That’ll help me expand my brand right there. (laughs)

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