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Mitch WHY

Mitch WHY


Every element of music is important from the lyrics, the beats, and of course the music videos. Behind every successful artist, there is an amazing team behind them there to maximize their musical potential. One thing we all look forward to when we hear our new favorite song is the music video and Mitch Why is producing heat from behind the cameras! Mitchell Yount a.k.a Mitch Why is making his mark in the music industry as “The Youngest in Charge.” Mitch Why is the youngest person to ever shoot a music video for an artist signed to a major record label. With close ties to the Aphillates, Mitch is making major moves in the Midwest and he’s just getting started. Mitch is in high demand right now for some major artists and also a lot of independent artists because the quality and professionalism of his work can easily draw in anyone. Mitch never lets his age (which he FINALLY reveals in the interview) interfere with his business and with his passion to produce great music videos. As a photographer and a director Mitch has a bright future ahead of him in the music business. Considering his age, determination, and talent I’m sure Mitch is on his way to becoming one of the greatest urban film directors the music industry has seen and you heard it a FULL BLAST first!

FBM: When did you start filming and doing photography?

Mitch: I started about two years ago. I did my first video with a little Sony Handycam and a local artist “Cracka Lack”. You can actually still watch this video online.

FBM: How did you get introduced to urban filming?

Mitch: I’ve just always been doing video related things, but the music video biz really caught my attention. Then I found out I was good at it.

FBM: I know you’ve been getting a lot of love in the Midwest. Who all have you worked with?

Mitch: I’ve worked with just about every local artist in Lansing, Michigan. I’ve been working with SME from Muskegon, and I’ve done work with people from Detroit like Trick Trick, and Grand Rapids like Willie The Kid and La The Darkman.

FBM: What was your favorite project you worked on?

Mitch: I really enjoy each new project I work on, and the new challenges they bring. It’s really hard to pick just one video, but I love working with artist that are serious about the projects.

FBM: I spoke with you on set when you were shooting your first commercial. Explain a little more about what was going. Who were you shooting with? What was the commercial for?

Mitch: I am shooting a series of promo videos for the Murceligo MMA fight club in Lansing. This is exciting for me because it’s a hybrid between a music video and a commercial. I hope this project will open new doors for me in the future.

FBM: What do you have planned for the summer?

Mitch: Grind, Grind, Grind. I have to work harder than ever because of the shift in the music video biz. It’s easier now then ever to make a quality video for cheap, so i have to be ahead of the game.

FBM: Who are you looking forward to working with?

Mitch: Trick Trick, Freeway, Ray J, Black Frost, Young J, Big Perm, La The Darkman to name a few.

FBM: I don’t know how old you are because when I asked you didn’t tell me LOL, but I know you’re young. How old are you? How has (or has) your age had an effect on how people deal with you in the industry?

Mitch: I was born in 1993. It’s a bittersweet thing being my age. Most people don’t respect me because of my age UNTIL they see the work I do because the work is all that matters.

FBM: Have you ever considered directing movies or television?

Mitch: I have. We will see where music videos take me.

FBM: What is your overall career goal?

Mitch: To continue to grow on every project I work on, to keep meeting new and interesting artists, and to become a top 40 music video director for the US music biz.

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