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Millennial Movements: Endless Opportunities Welcomes Students Back to School in Style



Endless Opportunities is an organization based in Grand Rapids, MI that strives to create a positive and productive mind set and lifestyle for the youth as well as the entire community of Grand Rapids. In 2011, Endless Opportunities was created by Alvin Hills when he realized the need for more involved mentors in the city. On September 7th, 2015,  Endless Opportunities held their ‘5th Annual Back 2 School Cut-a-thon’ at Paul I Phillips (Boys & Girls Club) where students of all ages were able to receive free hair cuts for the young men, free hair styles for the young ladies, school supplies, food, and have the chance to participate in a special back to school raffle.

In additional to providing students with an extra boost of confidence with fresh hair cuts and new hair styles, today September 8th, Endless Opportunities took another step forward and welcomed the young men of Ottawa Hills High School back to school on their first day. Brandon McBride of Endless Opportunities decided that it would be even more encouraging and exciting to offer a warm welcome to the generation under ourselves into Ottawa Hills High School where he is an alumni with “The Evolution Movement.”

I got the chance to attend the ‘Back 2 School’ event and speak with the founder of Endless Opportunities about future plans and how others can get involved in assisting the community become greater. 

Dev Gillespie: Exactly how many years have you help the “Back 2 School” event and what is your concept behind it?

Alvin Hills: This is the 5th year. The whole concept was helping any young man that may not have access to a fresh hair cut before the first day of school. That makes all the difference of walking into the classroom looking sharp, thinking sharp, and hopefully they act sharp. 

Dev Gillespie: So this is the first year that you’ve added hair stylist for the girls to the event? 

Alvin Hills: Yes. Previously we had them at separate events so we brought it all under one roof with the same concept. They’re braiding hair, flat ironing, doing sew ins, and doing body scrubs. We wanted to bring everybody under one roof.

Dev Gillespie: If more stylist and barbers or anyone in the community wanted to get involved next year, what would they need to do to start getting themselves prepared?

Alvin Hills: As long as the barber or hair stylist is licensed we can take them. You can get in touch through our website ( ) or you can email me directly at As long as they’re licensed and willing to commit their time, we would love to have them here. Potential sponsors can get in touch in the same way. This year we had some pretty good sponsors. Cameron Bradfield is always a continued supporter as well as IVN & Associates which is an architectural firm, Mixed Staffing, Ricki Brazil, Load-A-Spud, the Alphas of Grand Rapids, and the United Methodist Community House. 

Dev Gillespie: Brandon McBride of Endless Opportunities created “The Evolution Movement” to welcome students back to school. What’s the concept behind it and what do you have planned?

Alvin Hills: We have over 50 professionals of color there to really create some excitement around education. As they walk in they’ll shake some hands and develop some new relationships, but ultimately hold young men accountable for their education. We also prefer them to have access to community members who can help them walk that journey. We’ve seen it implemented all around the country and it hasn’t been an initiative that was brought forth until Brandon organized it. We just want to make sure the south east side schools and Ottawa Hills has what they need to send their boys off right to start the school year. 

 If you want to get involved in helping the community this year with Endless Opportunities you can prepare for their Thanksgiving Giveaway on November 21st, 2015!!

Check out some photos below from the “5th Annual Back 2 School Cut-a-thon” and “The Evolution Movement!

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