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Malice: Refocused and Reloaded


Half way responsible for having the streets GRINDING in its prime, Malice is still on his never ending grind, but with a new out look for a more rewarding outcome. Being one half of one of hip hop’s most lyrically raw and talented rap duo’s Clipse, Malice isn’t blind to his many blessings now, but describes many unseeing moments in his book titled Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind & Naked. The book published in early 2011 has made a significant and ironic point to anyone who reads it which is “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Achieving money, power, and respect is thought to be the ultimate package for happiness, however as Malice’s story unfolds he explains why you need faith and a foundation or else your world can and will unfold.

As the New Year presents it’s self this is the best time to focus on new beginnings and creating a wealthy life outside of money and Malice is on top of that! Being brave enough to share his story of how he turned tragedy to triumph from creating a lifestyle that had plenty of assets and little foundation to a lifestyle of spiritual wealth as well. Malice is continuing his journey to inspire individuals in the hip hop community and outside of the hip hop community to be able to have fun and enjoy life and still have balance and belief. Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind & Naked is a story that shows readers that there are real life things that need to be addressed in the life style we think is “the life” by someone who has seen every aspect of this game and how it is played and how it will play you if you’re not careful. You can get your copy of Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind & Naked on and also keep your eyes open for Malice and former manager’s Anthony Gonzalez next book title 32. I caught up with Malice at “New Era” in Atlanta and hear what he has to say about his expedition.

Dev: What kind of feed back are you receiving from the book both negative and positive?

Malice: It really hasn’t been any bad feedback, ya know. You know you always get a wild comment every now and then, but I pay no mind. I’ve been getting a lot of support from all of the Clipse fans and followers that are still with me. It’s been a phenomenal feedback. If you go to my twitter page @Malice757 you’ll see what people are saying about it.

Dev: I read you were getting ready to do another book with your former manager Anthony, title 32. What’s up with that?

Malice: Yes, Anthony Gonzalez. Friend, family, manager currently doing a 32 year sentence and I just talked to him before I came out here. He’s doing well and we’re gonna put this book together and just share our story and allow others to learn from it.

Dev: Okay that’s what’s up! So now you have the book out and selling are you planning on getting back into the music? Do you think the change in your life will affect the music?

Malice: Dev, I know what I’m doing with this thing! I’m not worried about that. First and foremost you definitely have to be true to yourself, you know. I’m working on a mix tape now. Like you said now that the book is done I’m working on 32 with Tony, I’m working on the audio of my book, and my mix tape “Hear Ye Him”. Check for that.

Dev: Are you and Pusha T also going to do some stuff with the Clipse?

Malice: Yeah, definitely. Push is doing his thing right now. He’s really, really hot in the streets. He is signed to Good Music so you know he’s on the move, but I’m sure when he gets a free moment we’re gonna do what we gotta do!

Dev: What would your advice be to up and coming artists as far as not going head over heels in the lifestyle and keeping a balance and maintaining that?

Malice: What I would tell the up and coming artist is def put God first. You’re going to need a foundation in anything you do not just in hip hop. You need to be of some kind of principle and morals. Once you are firm in your foundation you won’t get tossed around like the wind because a lot of things are going to come your way. Hopefully you have a great belief system. Put God first and master your craft.

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