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Joy Deja King: “Authorizing the Music” (Full Blast Magazine)

Joy Deja King: “Authorizing the Music” (Full Blast Magazine)


Award winning author Joy Deja King has decided to take her talents to the music industry and although she is hungry for her music career, success is nothing new to Ms.King. Writing over fourteen novels, being #1 Essence best-selling author seven months straight in 2009, and starting her own publishing company A King Production; Joy’s transition to a new music artist has earned her the right to make “Boss Bitch Music.” This summer Joy Deja King plans to release her first mix tape titled Boss Bitch Music which she has already started pushing for the streets. Her first single titled “I’m the Bomb” featuring Ca$h Out is definitely a song for the confident women who are out here building themselves up and bossin’!

Having been around the business and just being about the entertainment life has given Joy the confidence to come in the music game ready to take action. No stranger the urban industry writing books like “Dirty Little Secrets” and “Hooker to Housewife”, Joy knows exactly how the game can be inside and out. She plans on taking what she knows and making something great out of it. Full Blast Magazine got the chance to speak with Joy Deja King about her past triumphs and her future dreams as a music artist.

FBM: When did you decide to get serious about music and what motivated you as a music artist?

Joy Deja King: Well I decided to do it on a serious level in like the early part of 2011. You know I kind of dabbled with it a little bit in 2009 when my book “Last Bitch Standing” came out. I just started getting ‘focused’ focused in 2011. Honestly, it’s something I always wanted to do ever since I was little. I’ve always wanted to perform in some way and music wise I’m a huge hip hop fan. If you read my books you know I love the whole gritty street life. It just came natural to me.

FBM: As you’re transitioning from being a known and respected author and becoming a music artist, how is the transition going for you?

Joy Deja King: Oh my god (laughs). It’s kind of crazy. It’s kind of like starting all over again. It’s like I’m taking these kind of things that I’ve learned being in the book industry. When I was doing books and stuff I always said I want to promote my book like you would a CD, you know. And I did that with my books and that helped me be very successful in that genre so now I’m trying to do that with my music and it is difficult meaning that it’s difficult because people who read might not want to listen to my music. So it’s like I have to find that audience through trial and error and going back on my grind the same way that I did with my book career. I’m passionate about this just like I was about my books.  It’s good because I had so much success with my book it’s not like I’m struggling, thirsty, and need to eat like I was when I started my book career.

FBM: We thought it was interesting in one of your previous interviews you said that some of the characters in your book were actually based on people that were around in the music industry. Being that your child’s father was on that scene do you feel like it gave you an upper hand coming into the music business?

Joy Deja King: You know what. Yes, and let me tell you why. It did because I saw how cut throat it could be. Because of that now when I’m dealing with my situations I know to be on top of my business and to know it’s about business and not a personal thing. I learned how a lot of stuff works. It 100% played a role and it also makes me more comfortable being in the studio because we use to be in the studio every day and night. It gives me that comfort level. It’s not a big deal in a lot of ways and when I say not a big deal I mean I’m loving it and I’m excited, but it’s not like I feel like “OMG I have to be around this person ” that doesn’t do anything for me. Right now it’s about me trying to accomplish what I’m trying to accomplish, another part of my dream and making it happen.

FBM: As a female artist what do you want to bring to the industry that you feel it may or may not be lacking? What do you want to bring as an individual?

Joy Deja King:  Honestly, I want to bring myself. Meaning that the way that my attitude is I really believe in up lifting women and wanting them to better themselves and feel good about themselves. At the end of the day I’m coming into this music and it’s not like I have a man endorsing me that’s already on. I’m doing it myself and I want them to understand if you put the work in and really believe in it you can do it yourself to. I just want to show them you can be positive, have fun, and still win. Sometimes I think the way things are set up now women really feel like if you don’t come in doing certain things you can’t make it. I want to show them that you can.

FBM: We just had Ca$h Out in our last issue which was kind of like perfecting timing with you two because of your single “I’m the Bomb” featuring Ca$h Out. How did you hook up to do the song?

Joy Deja King: When we decided we were going to make “I’m the Bomb” my official first single I was trying to think who I wanted as a guest on there so we threw out some names. It was actually Craig who told me. He was like you know what I heard this guy and “Ca$hin Out” was really boomin and really blowing up on the radio in Atlanta. He was like I think this guy will be perfect for the record, check him out. He sent me a YouTube link and as soon as I heard him on “Ca$hin Out” I was like yes I can hear him on “I’m the Bomb”! I totally could hear it so he reached out to his people and it was so crazy I always believe things are meant to be and fall into place. His people called back and said they were going to be in Atlanta and they said we could come record then. They came to Patchwork Studio and he came and wrote it right there on the spot and dropped it and it was hot. We just recently shot the video. He’s awesome.

FBM: We read in one of your interviews where you commented on something Jay-Z said about Hip Hop having a greater impact on people than actually politics. He just recently made the announcement that he supports our President Obama’s stand for Gay Marriage. Do you think the hip hop community should be more vocal on supporting our first African American President?

Joy Deja King: Of course! I’m a huge Obama supporter. I contributed to Obama’s campaign probably every other month not because he is the first African American President, but because I believe he really wants success for this country and he is doing everything possible to make that happen. It is definitely imperative for us to get more involved as a Hip Hop community and everybody as a whole be more involved in politics. Honestly, you really don’t have the right to voice your opinion or be disappointed if you’re not involved in politics. There is a power in numbers. You go back and read about what happened with Rosa Parks. They literally stopped riding the buses for months. It was a group effort and it didn’t happen overnight. They walked together. They carpooled. I mean it was truly a united group effort and I say all that to say we are lacking a lot of that right now in this generation, but there is truly a power in numbers. If everyone got involved the more difference can be made.

FBM: What new music should we be looking for? Do you have a mix tape coming soon?

Joy Deja King: Yea I’m definitely doing a mix tape it’s called Boss Bitch Music and that’s coming out July 11th. And I’m super excited about that!  The video for “I’m the Bomb” is coming soon and then I’m shooting another video for a song called “Catch Up”. After that I have my video for “Outrageous” that features Trouble who is actually my favorite rapper right now so I’m excited about that record!

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