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Ivy Shades: “Ivy Shades: Creating a Vision Through the Lenses” (Full Blast Magazine)

Ivy Shades: “Ivy Shades: Creating a Vision Through the Lenses” (Full Blast Magazine)



At first glance, you might mistake Stephanie “Ivy Shades” for a glamorous piece of eye candy, however this young woman is actually the brains behind her own eye wear company that has become eye candy in itself to the celebrities! Ivy Shades Celebrity Eyewear designs has earned her a respectable spot in the design and fashion world. Being featured in Jet, Sister 2 Sister, XXL, and Vibe Magazine, Ivy Shades has caught the eye of many with her creative and bold designs. Recently being named as one of the 13 Young Innovators in the business of design/style/fashion by Black Enterprise Magazine, Ivy Shades is coming into 2013 making new names for herself and crossing different lines in her career. Her eyewear collection lines “Boss”, “Retro”, “Flawless”, “Envy”, “Rockstar”, and “BBO” have all been selling out around the world and this is just the beginning for the diva. “Candy”, is the name of Ivy’s latest creation and like the name suggests, it is sweet, of course! Being LA bred and Houston fed, Ivy Shades is also a well educated woman. Earning a degree from the University of Houston while modeling, recording music, and becoming a CEO, Ivy Shades makes the hard work she puts in look easy!

After releasing her music project “Madam Chronicles” March 15th, Ivy Shades is making a new turn in the industry and turning up as she’s doing so! After catching your eye with her unique and original designs, Ivy Shades is now looking to catch your ear with her music. Being an artist for years now, Ivy Shades has decided to put more time into her music career. With the late and great Pimp C featured on her new project, “Madam Chronicles”, Ivy Shades is one of the few and only female artist that was blessed to work with the H-Town music legend. Having worked with other greats of their time like Master P, Slim Thug, and Avant, Ivy Shades is ready to make her own impact on the music industry and be considered a great her self! We got the chance to meet up with Ivy Shades in Atlanta where she had her release party for her music project. Ivy tells us about how she started her eyewear company, her Female Money Team, and why you should be listening to her tracks on FULL BLAST!

Full Blast Magazine: You had your release party for your music project “Madam Chronicles” in Atlanta March 14th. How was it?

Ivy Shades: It was my first time in Atlanta as far as the club scene. I would have to give it two thumbs up. It was a good nice environment. It was real fun. Good clean, cool, fun. It was crazy packed. The love here is a lot different than home. They showed a lot a love.

FBM: Tell me about Madam Chronicles and what direction do you plan on going with your project?

Ivy Shades: The project is complete. It’s part 1. It was released today (March 15th) on, iTunes, you can go to my website..of course you got a free copy. “Madam Chronicles” is the name of the album. The story behind it is I have a big female entourage. The Female Money Team. Every where I go in my city there’s always an entourage of chicks, so there was this rumor that I was a pimp. We laugh at it. We think it’s funny, you know. I said let me go ahead and put some gas on that fire for ya! The second part of it will be released in a couple months. It has a lot of great features and we wanted to make sure that on this project people knew who I was and know that I can hold my hold.

FBM: Tell us about the track you did with Pimp C.

Ivy Shades: Chad Butler. God has blessed me to be able to work with him. I had that verse for about five years. We did that song along time ago and it was only right because it fit with the particular song, “25″. I’m just so blessed to be able to use it for this project. I don’t really know any other female who has done songs with him. It was a blessing to be able to present him, may he rest in peace. He’s still kicking butt. His verse is hot like he did it yesterday.

FBM: Will you be doing any shows this spring/summer?

Ivy Shades: I am going to be doing a lot of shows, doing a lot of traveling. Just doing a lot of promo stuff. It’s all about the money, but God blessed me with my eye wear to support me being an independent artist. I fund this at the end of the day. I’m a true live Boss. I don’t get loans. People buy my glasses, my fans pay for this. I have a lot of things scheduled and I just want to make sure I go to places I’ve never been. I just want to meet everyone and them see how cool I am. You go to my website and think I’m some bougie chick, but I’m real cool!

FBM: You’re the creator and CEO of Ivy Shades and most people know you as the “celebrity eye wear” designer. How did you actually get into music?

Ivy Shades: I actually started in this industry music wise. I started off rapping and then I got into modeling, but I started music first before anything. I didn’t realize until later, hey you have another talent crazy lady. The eye wear thing just kind of came about. I’ve always had a shade fetish. In 2010 I was like, I’m going to stop buying Dior’s and freaking them I’m just going to make my own shades. No one believed me, so I made my own damn shades. They started buying them in club off my face. It just took off, it wasn’t planned and that’s how I know it was meant for me to be presented to the world as Ivy Shades.

FBM: You came out with your 6 different lines of shades in 2010. Boss, Retro, Flawless, Envy, Rockstar, and B.B.O. What inspired these concepts? 

Ivy Shades: The crazy thing is I just come up with the names first and just play off of the name. I just released “Candy”, that’s the most recent line and did the exclusive pack for kids also. The name just inspires me to be creative. When I design these glasses I design stuff for me like , “What would I wear?” Even for my men’s line I made stuff that I would want to see a guy in. A lot of the stuff is unisex, this is my style. A lot of the reason it is a success is because I’m not trying to be like everyone else. I focus on Ivy and I give stuff I would wear.

FBM: Tell us about the “Twerk Contest” you had going on.

Ivy Shades: OMG. “Lap Dance” is actually on the project. I have a song called “Lap Dance” and it’s funny because I’m not really a twerker. So I’m like for the video I’m going to really need someone. I can dance, but I’m not going to get on a hand stand. I’m not. (Laughs) So the goal was to find the hottest chick that can really dance and sell this video and why not pay them. Why not fly them to Houston? Why not put them in a hotel and get them interviews? Why not? That’s the goal with the contest. I have 20 contestants now and I’m really surprised because when my marketing team first came up with it I was just thinking, “Who is going to twerk? Like really??”. I’m actually amazed that these girls are really sending videos. The hard part is going to be picking the winner. We have a panel of judges that are going to be at the corporate office on a big monitor watching all these videos. I’m going to release videos showing the winner was truthfully selected, so it’s going good.

FBM: You’re the celebrity go to person for the eye wear and a lot of people who do music have bought your shades. Is there anyone that is a customer that you’d like to work with? 

Ivy Shades: Right now there are two people I want to work with besides the people I’ve already worked with on the part two of my project. Beyonce and I know that’s going to cost a fortune. And Kanye West. Those are the last two that I’m just waiting to work with.

FBM: What do you have planned for Ivy Shades this year?

Ivy Shades: I have a new line coming out. I can’t say the name of it because you know we have ear hustlers. I’m not sure when I’ll be done with it, but it’s going to be very soon and very hot and very different. And I will be the #1 eye glass designer in the world.

FMB: What would you say to young girls who have big dreams who have people discouraging them? 

Ivy Shades: First off, you can have dreams and you can have people who are unhappy with themselves telling you it’s not going to work. In order for that person to even put a scratch in the ground, they have to have confidence. They have to have faith. They have to believe in themselves first. If you believe in yourself and have confidence it doesn’t matter what they’re saying. You know at the of the day that this is what you want and you believe in yourself. If you’re weak minded, lacking confidence, feeling like a loser, of course it’s not going to work because you’re attracting that energy that you’re putting out. You have to put out good thoughts and positive energy into the universe.

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