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Far*East Movement

Far*East Movement


Listen to a Far*East Movement track on FULL BLAST and we bet you’ll start to feel “Free Wired”! And if you’re wondering exactly how that is suppose to feel, Far*East Movement (also known as FM), Free Wired is what they call their combination of pop, hip hop, dance and electro music. Topping the Billboard charts with their single “Fly like a G6″ and getting play on a variety of radio stations the Free Wired movement is on FULL BLAST. Los Angeles natives J-Splif, Kev Nish, Prohgress, and DJ Virman developed a natural upbeat energy growing up in L.A., being influenced by West Coast artists from Dr. Dre to Linkin Park. Surrounded by the Pop Culture and music scene growing up, it isn’t a surprise that Far*East Movement has began to pave their way in the music industry with one hell of a buzz!

On top of recently touring with Lady GaGa, one of the world’s biggest breakthrough popstars, these “little monsters” have already been featured on some of televisions most popular stations with their single, “Girls on the Dance Floor.” MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew and FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance had all the girls on the dance floor with Far*East Movement’s party track. They also hit the big screen in Get Him to the Greek, so it is safe to say Far*East Movement is expanding into nationally known and musically respected artists. Brazil, Asia, and Singapore are just a few places Far*East Movement has blessed with their Free Wired lifestyle. Opportunities keep pouring in for Far*East Movement because they are bringing something fresh and new to pop culture. Knowing how to stay relevant is a vital part of success in this industry and Far*East Movement seems to have that on lock right now. Looking the part behind those dark shades that you can always catch them sporting along with the party yet business style, adds that extra mystery to their presence that makes you want to know ‘Who is that?’ Everyone is taking notice of Far*East Movement and if you’re not, we think it’s about that time!

Their debut album, title Free Wired of course, dropped October 12th. When Far*East Movement goes to the club they watch the reaction the people give off the songs that are being played and they feed off of that energy. Far*East Movement knows what their fans want to hear. Snoop Dogg makes an appearance on the track “If I Was You (OMG),” and changes up his usual tempo and vibes off of Far*East Movement’s energy. They slow things up just a bit on “Rocketeer” which features Ryan Tedder of One Republic. But don’t get it twisted, they’ll still keep the album’s momentum with “Don’t Look Now” thanks to the assistance of Keri Hilson and “She Owns the Night” with Mohombi. With iTunes exclusive track “Go Ape” featuring the hypest person in the music industry- Lil’ Jon, whose influence made quite an impact on their album, this project is what music fans have been waiting for. Far*East Movement from the West Coast is giving the Pop culture life right now and they’re doing it in such a stylish manner. This must be POP! FULL BLAST is definitely feeling the movement.

FBM: We read on that you guys have been stamped as “the next big thing”. Do you feel any pressure of holding up to that title?

Far*East Movement: Not at all. We never believed it when it came out. We started making music because we were and are such fans of music, so just being able to do this everyday is incredible. We never let ourselves get comfortable though and push ourselves to work harder every single day. We want to be doing this forever and that means staying focused, inspired and free wired.

FBM: Your single “Like a G6″ featuring Cataracs and Dev has gotten a lot of great feedback from your fans and I love it because I have a G6. This month’s issue is all POP and the trends that go with it. Everyone wants to know what kind of sun glasses were you guys wearing in the “Like a G6″ video?

Far*East Movement: The shades are all no brand named ones we get from our spot in Lil Tokyo. Downtown LA got the ill $14.99 hook up. Fresh for less (laughs).

FBM: Your style and originality is what makes you stand out. What inspires your style of the group?

Far*East Movement: James Bond, Tyler Durden, Rick Hunter of Robotech, Downtown Los Angeles and our free wired lifestyle. We hit 2 to 3 clubs a night and gotta make sure we stay fresh dressed gentlemen when we party, then in the mornings with no sleep we can hit any meeting rocking the same thing and the shades hide any lack of sleep. (laughs) Febreeze keeps us extra fresh!

FBM: How was it touring with Lady GaGa, NERD, Robyn, Kelis and LMFAO? What was the most memorable moment of that tour?

Far*East Movement: Touring with Lady Gaga was incredible. That tour was our first big arena tour and it was the illest feeling to see thousands of people rockin’ out to our music. Our most memorable moment with Lady Gaga was when she invited us into her recording studio backstage to just chill and talk music and clubs. Touring with NERD was the first time we did shows in the UK and meeting Pharell and Rob was tight. We’ve been fans of them so it was fresh seeing all the NERD hits live, they KILL IT. The All Hearts Tour with Robyn and Kelis we got to see an amazing show from backstage every single night. Robyn just might be the best live performer we’ve ever seen and by the end of the tour we had all her songs memorized and copped the Body Talk 1 and 2 albums. The Party Rock Tour with our homies LMFAO taught us the most since it was our first national bus tour. Hitting so many new cities for the first time and adjusting to crowds that never heard of us made us stronger and gave us a good perspective on touring… plus we learned how to crowd surf. That tour: priceless.

FBM:You guys have collaborated with some top street wear companies. Which companies did you do collaborations with?

Far*East Movement: We did a mixtape art cover collaboration with Bobby Hundreds, Crew hat collaboration with Subcrew from Hong Kong, t-shirt collab with Orisue and we’re working on a custom piece collaboration with Orisue for our stage fits and tee shirt projects with Neff and Joy Rich.

FBM: Do you think there is a future in fashion for you guys?

Far*East Movement: We would love to. Doing our own ties, shades and jackets would be free wired!

FBM: You’re opening new doors for Asian-Americans in hip hop and in music period. What advice do you have for young up and coming artist who are having a hard time making a break through?

Far*East Movement: We would say, surround yourself with a positive team that shares the same vision, build off every opportunity, network and work harder than you would ever work for anything in your life. When it comes to the music, just go hard being yourself and let your project define the real you.

If you have not done so already, be sure to cop Far*East Movement’s new album Free Wired in stores and on iTunes now!

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