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DJ Paul Talks New Album, Business Ventures in the Food Industry, and More.

DJ Paul
DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia recently released another solo mixtape titled, M.4.L (Mafia 4 Life) for those of us that appreciate legendary rap and Academy Award winning production. As we’re wrapping up the final months of 2016, artists are pulling out their finishing moves for the year and DJ Paul is right on time with his. On October 28th, the King of Memphis plans to release an album to follow up the mixtape titled, YOTS, Year of the Six. To keep your business, brand, and coins in the bank where they should be as an artist it takes more than making a hot song to stay on top of things and if anyone knows how to achieve a different level of success it’s safe to say DJ Paul can attest to that.
I got the chance to speak with DJ Paul about his new music, what it takes to get in the studio with him, reality TV, and how he created his own BBQ seasoning and sauce. Read our interview below to see what he’s been up to and has coming up!

Dev Gillespie: You just released your most current mixtape Mafia 4 Life and you don’t have too many features. Why did you go with a mixtape that wasn’t feature heavy?
DJ Paul: Features are cool, but I’m from he old school. I’m use to doing thing myself, you know. We never depended on A&Rs and the record label or any of that when we were coming up, me and Juicy (J). I never depended on anybody, but a lot of artist need to depend on someone. They depend on other artists to make their record for them. They depend on managers and assistants and this and that. I do everything myself and I like to roll at my own pace. If I make a song I like it I’m going to just put it out there. I’m not going to go through my Rolodex and try to find somebody to put on the record. Everyone thinks you need a feature. F**k a feature (laughs).
Dev Gillespie: You have Yelawolf, OG Maco, Compton Menace, and Jon Connor on there. How did you choose them to get on the tape?
DJ Paul: A lot of times I’ll usually do features with people I’m actually homies with, you know. Whether they’re hot or on the scene or not. I won’t go do a song with some kid just because he’s the hottest kid out. You gotta have a good heart, a cool spirit, or a dope soul. I like to do it like that and me and all those guys are cool like that. Jon Connor is an up and coming artist, shout out to Dr. Dre. He doesn’t even have an album out yet, but I like him as a person, he’s a cool dude. We actually hang out together and go to the nice restaurants in Beverly Hills and hang out. He’s just a cool dude, he got God all in him. Yelawolf has been my brother for a long time. I love Yelawolf, I was a fan before we met. I met OG Maco through my agent, we have the same agent that books our shows and we got cool like that and started hanging out. We have a lot of records together. I don’t do features to just do them. We bond and we get in the studio and make records.
Dev Gillespie: You posted on your IG that this tape is actually like a promo for your up and coming album Year of the Six (YOTS) that you’re going to drop later this month. Tell us a little about the album.
DJ Paul: The mixtape is like the direction that the album would be. The album will obviously have more harder stuff on it. You gotta save the super, super hard for the sh*t you’re trying to sell to them. Even though the mixtape is super hard and people love it. We got a little of everything on it. I didn’t go to the left or nothing like that. People know I do EDM stuff as well, but rest assured it won’t be an EDM album people. It’ll be stuff like that’s on the mixtape. Some serious subjects, some real songs, some gangsta sh*t, just the usually DJ Paul sh*t.
Dev Gillespie: Are you releasing the album under Yelawolf’s record label?
DJ Paul: What it is, it’s my record label and it’s Skeleton Entertainment . It’s coming out through my record label and a collab with his record label as well, so it will be both of our record label.
Dev Gillespie: Three 6 Mafia was one of the first people in hip hip to have their on reality show, Adventures in Hollywood years ago and you did and won VH1’s Famous Food. Do you have any other plans of doing reality TV coming up?
 DJ Paul: I do actually. I just got off a couple phone calls the other day with some production companies that want to do some shows with me. I get those calls all the time and I mostly turn them down because they come to me with all kinds of crazy sh*t . I’m not interested in all these relationship shows and “Real This or That”. I didn’t want to do anything like that. I got two calls for two shows I am interested in. One of them I probably won’t be on the show, but an executive producer, I might be the host of it. The other one would be about me, showing a hobby that I like to do, which I’m not going to talk about now cause it’s so to the left. People are going to be like, “WTF he got a show doing this,”. It’s still in the works, but once it’s official I’ll let ya know.
Dev Gillespie: When you won Famous Foods on VH1 you started pushing your own BBQ sauce and BBQ seasoning, how’s that going?
DJ Paul: That’s actually how my BBQ was created, off of that show. With the show, to win the restaurant we had to show that we could bring as much value as possible to the restaurant. One of the ways I won is, for one I thought of the name and I did a lot of the major decorating. Then I killed it with the number one selling dish on the menu. It was “DJ Paul’s Memphis Mac & Cheese”, that’s what it was called. I wanted to make a soul food dish, but it was West Hollywood, borderline Bel Air, where the restaurant was. They were like, “Paul people don’t eat soul food out here like that”. I was like, “Come on, yes they do!” They didn’t really want me to do that, so I broke it down to one dish. Instead of having ribs, macaroni & cheese, and cornbread on the side I did one dish and made “DJ Paul’s Memphis Mac & Cheese” and they loved it. Ron Artest when he was with the Lakers, Ray J, all kinds of celebrity friends of mine would come order it.When they saw how many we were selling it was a no brainer and that was just one of our recipes. I created the seasoning I put in the mac & cheese, the seasoning didn’t exist before that. People liked it and at first I was going to put out the mac & cheese like a frozen dinner, but I didn’t know where to start with that, but I knew how to start with a seasoning. In Memphis, TN a lot of people sell seasoning, the restaurants down there, so I made a couple phone calls and found out who could package it for me, then I made a sauce and more seasonings. Now I have 4 seasons out and a BBQ sauce and I have a beef jerky that’s coming out.
Dev Gillespie: So you just came through and killed em on the food scene. Where can we get your seasonings and BBQ sauce?
DJ Paul: It’s online at I plan on eventually getting it in stores. I did get a call to put it in a prison though which is really funny.
Dev Gillespie: Do you have any movie appearances or soundtracks you’re working on? We know that’s also one of the things you’re really known for.
DJ Paul: I’m in talks for some, but nothing confirmed yet because I’m trying to get this album out the way before I do anything. My album YOTS, Year of the Six is coming out October 28th and I’m actually finishing the last song and a half today. When I get off the phone with you I’m going in here and finishing recording. I just have to get the album out the way because it’s creepin’ up. 4th quarter!
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