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We are at a time in life where technology is booming! Every year there has been new and easier ways to recieve news, messages, and most importantly music. DJ Head Debiase of the Aphilliates Music Group has been an active DJ long enough to see and experience the tables turning in the music industry from analog to digital. Starting off DJing for high school dances to producing memorable mixtapes with DJ Drama and the Aphillates, DJ Head gives us his opinion of the change in the music industry. Having worked with Cory Gunz(”Heir To The Throne”), Willie the Kid(The Fly”, “The Fly 2″), Stretch Money(”Smoke One”) along with La the Darkman, DJ Drama, DJ Don Cannon, Grand Hustle, and countless other artist and DJs for years it’s safe to say Debiase can share some unbias knowledge about the evolution of music. Blogs, MP3’s,YouTube are some key factors that changed the way the music industry is build and there are pro’s and con’s to these changes for artist and for the industry as a whole. Growing up in a time where radio, music shows, and albums were main sources of music outlets, technology has simplified music for the listeners, but may have actually made things a bit challenging for music artist. Since DJ’s were essentially the make or break of an artist whether they spun their record or not DJ Head Debiase tells us how he views the changes in his eyes.

FBM: This issue is focused on the transformation of how we recieve music now. As a DJ what changes have you had to make as far as how you spin music? (actual turntables, records, etc.)

DJ Head Debiase: The only changes I’ve had to make is not carrying all that vinyl & numerous crates full of records, which is a big relief & space saver.

FBM: Do you think the internet has given aspiring artist the idea that they don’t have to actually go hustle their music in the streets?

DJ Head Debiase: I would say yes, for some because the internet has created this illusions to the point where artists feel that they don’t have to still get out here in these streets and promote & not just on the internet. You have to realize as an artist that everyone doesn’t have computers & the internet to gain access to your music or videos, so therefore you have to hit the streets to reach those people as well. (local parties, shows, events, businesses, stores, barbershops & so on.)

FBM: Blogs now play a huge role in music artist’s career. Have the gossip blogs effected the over all respect artist recieve? Do you think blog sites are “making” an artist as opposed to them making a name for themselves?

DJ Head Debiase: As far as the blogs effecting the overall respect for an artist I’d say no because if you’re really a music
lover you really won’t go off of someone’s opinion in which you don’t even know, you’d check out the music for yourself & be the judge. The blogs can make you by creating a buzz throughout the Nation as well as the World, depending on which blogs you associate with & can also break you, especially if you can’t accept criticism.

FBM: Do you ever use turntables anymore? When did you stop using them?

DJ Head Debiase: Yes I still use turntables. I like turntables more than anything, it’s just the new technology has made things more convieniant for today’s DJ.

FBM: What are some of the pro’s and con’s of things like MP3’s, downloading, and You Tube in the industry?

DJ Head Debiase: I can’t speak for everybody, but I admire the MP3’s & downloading because it’s a tool to help you get more work done quicker rather than dealing with the mail. Youtube is cool as well for the simple fact if you’re a creative person you really can take advantage of your career using this, by making your own videos, shows, short films…ect. It’s kind of like having your own network, but it can kill your career as well if not used properly or you get exposed for being a fraud or some shit. (laughs)

FBM: In the past we relied solely on radio and music video shows to expose us to new music. Do you think there needs to be more “Rap City: Tha Basement” shows and less internet reliance resources?

DJ Head Debiase: Hell Yeah! I wish Rap City would have never been discontinued, because that was a major outlet that everyone watched or payed attention to. Rap City, Yo MTV Raps & shows like that helped artist a lot. It doesn’t necessarily have to be many shows like that, but a couple will help, especially with in debt interviews so the viewers can get direct info from artists.

FBM: When people come to you looking to do a mixtape or album what do you look for in them to decide whether they are worthy of your time and talent?

DJ Head Debiase: I look to see how serious they take their career, if they’ve took the time to perfect their style/craft, their drive, how bad they want it, if they are willing to work & sell theirself as well. You can’t just be sitting back waiting for anything to come to you, because for 1. It’s not gonna happen… 2. You have to be consistent… 3. Have a plan & already know what it is that you want to do… 4. Be able to bring something to the table to make the team stronger… 5. Dedicate yourself & be able to manage your time on your own.

FBM: We came up in a time where music meant radio,tapes,and CD’s. Do you miss that?

DJ Head Debiase: Radio is cool, but it’s weak as hell. Satellite Radio is the shit. Tapes I can do without. (laughs) CDs are still very useful because they can be used as flyers & promo while you do shows or you go out of town for vacation, a event or anything. I think CDs still may be around for awhile.

FBM: Where do you see the way we recieve music in the next 10 years? Do you think we will ever go back to the original way of buying music or has the internet deaded that?

DJ Head Debiase: In the next 10 Years….MAN! I couldn’t even tell you with the way technology is moving, but I know one thing, the Internet has taken over the music industry. Really all the internet did was make these artist have to work a lil bit harder to get to where they want to be, instead of the labels doing all the work. As far as going back to the original way of buying music, it’s slight over because you can just upload your music online & get paid damn near every penny.

With the evolution of music one thing will remain the same. No matter how many different ways they give us to recieve our music we will always listen to it on FULL BLAST! Make sure you log on to to download some of DJ Head Debiase’s latest work “The Fly 2″ x Willie The Kid!

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