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Chella H : “Meet the First Lady of Chicago”

Chella H : “Meet the First Lady of Chicago” (FULL BLAST MAGAZINE)


The First Lady of Chicago, ChellaH is rightfully known as MiChella Obama in her city for the simple fact that she is presidential in the streets! No matter where you go in Chicago you are guaranteed to hear ChellaH’s name whether it’s on the radio through her hit single “Poke It Out” (produced by Zaytoven) or you’re just at the corner store passing through. Chella+H+ChellaChellaH is Chicago and she has built a reputation and a buzz that has created her own lane. With her song “Pay 4 This” and the remix featuring Freddie Gibbs going hard as well, it is easy for anyone to see ChellaH is the people’s choice. Getting consistent radio play on the country’s # 3 radio station WGCI 107.5 and also Power 92.3, ChellaH is making sure you’re hearing her on FULL BLAST.

Growing up on the Low End of Chicago, ChellaH aka Jennifer LowEnd, found a way to turn her life around through her talent. Losing her brother and child’s father in the same week along with being a teenage mother helped mold her into a strong woman and artist with a story to tell. Being sexy and talking that talk comes natural to ChellaH,but she is also a voice for her community. Being relatable to so many girls on top of having personality, looks, style, and talent ChellaH knew what time it was. ChellaH sold her first mixtape Mentrual Painz at beauty salons, barber shops, and gas stations selling over 7,500 just by word of mouth. She later followed up last year with her controversial titled mixtape The Abortion,which she simply explains, “I’m going for the kill!” Her mixtape had everyone talking about it just from the title so when you hear it you already expect to hear nothing less than raw talent. ChellaH continued to turn more heads and more people started turning her music up!
Now that ChellaH’s buzz is undeniably heard, the streets are now anticipating her next mixtape The Morning After Pill (hosted by Empire Mixtapes) and her project with Chicago native Shawnna titled Thelma and Louise(hosted by DJ Dime Piece). While we wait for the girls to wrap up the project they blessed us with their ”Chi City” anthem and freestyle over the “Rack City” beat and “Baby Daddy” where they talk about holding their men down through whatever. Along with creating real life music ChellaH is passionate about highlighting issues in Chicago that go unnoticed. This summer ChellaH is dropping a documentary called A Ghetto Girl’s Diary. ChellaH says she wants to put this out there to give the outsiders a look at what goes on in Chicago. It’ll give a whole new insight on the Low End and the history of Chicago through ChellaH’s eyes.
Although ChellaH may seem like a new comer in the industry she isn’t naive to anything this game has to offer. As an artist who writes her own music ChellaH feels like it is important to be responsible for your own career. Her boss attitude, work ethic, and ability to make hit songs is what separates her from local jokers. Something we want to leave with the readers that ChellaH said is probably one of the most important things for all artists to remember, “Too many times artist complain and that energy goes wasted. It’s up to you to not only create a following, but you have to have a hit and a personality to go with it and that’s what I’m on!”

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