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DJ Paul Talks New Album, Business Ventures in the Food Industry, and More.

DJ Paul
DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia recently released another solo mixtape titled, M.4.L (Mafia 4 Life) for those of us that appreciate legendary rap and Academy Award winning production. As we’re wrapping up the final months of 2016, artists are pulling out their finishing moves for the year and DJ Paul is right on time with his. On October 28th, the King of Memphis plans to release an album to follow up the mixtape titled, YOTS, Year of the Six. To keep your business, brand, and coins in the bank where they should be as an artist it takes more than making a hot song to stay on top of things and if anyone knows how to achieve a different level of success it’s safe to say DJ Paul can attest to that.
I got the chance to speak with DJ Paul about his new music, what it takes to get in the studio with him, reality TV, and how he created his own BBQ seasoning and sauce. Read our interview below to see what he’s been up to and has coming up!

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Hair Stylist Joanne Riley Provides Hair Care Advice and Mother’s Day Hair Special


When it comes to hair care sometimes we forget as women what constant styling, heat, and weaves can do to our naturally beautiful hair. The hair industry for black women has taken off into a lane of its own and while we love our sew ins, braids, and lace wigs, it’s important to take care of the hair that actually grows out of our heads and Joanne Riley is a savior for maintaining a full head of healthy hair.

Based in Grand Rapids, MI, Joanne prides herself on providing quality hair care to the community. Choosing a creative career came second nature to Joanne as she is also an interior designer with a unique eye for furniture that lead her to start her business, Personalized Blueprints. 

With Mother’s Day approaching, this mother of 2 is offering a great Mother’s Day special at the salon she works and is using her story in hopes of inspiring other mothers, women, and entrepreneurs. Read Joanne’s journey in her own words and be sure to get her contact information below! 

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Jon Connor of Flint,MI Provides a Real Voice and Working Solutions for the #FlintWaterCrisis



You see images and news clips of third world country’s or find hashtags on Twitter and Instagram of a tragedy overseas and we, as Americans, feel sympathy and want to send our condolences and resources to help, but what about those suffering right in our own county? Flint,Michigan has been making headlines for the past several weeks since their on going water crisis is worsening as the entire city, whose population is 60% black, have been forced to drink, shower, and cook with water contaminated with lead that can cause brain damage, kidney damage, miscarriage in pregnant women, among other serious illnesses, and ultimately death.The drawn out and avoidable tragedy began when Governor Rick Synder decided to switch Flint’s water source from Lake Huron (one of the 5 Great Lakes) to the Flint River in an effort to “save money”. This has now left the city of Flint,MI struggling to stay alive and well as they cope with not having something as essential and simple as clean water.

The real voices from the city of Flint aren’t being heard and without proper understanding of the problem, you can’t provide proper solutions. I got the chance to speak with artist Jon Connor of Flint,Michigan and Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment about what’s really going on on the ground in Flint, how we can effectively get involved, and why the #FlintWaterCrisis isn’t a trendy conversation starter, but a great problem in humanity in our country.

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Girl Boss: Tiffany Simmons Talks New Reality Series, Improving The Justice System, & Provides the REAL Definition of a Boss

Tiff edit


If you’re an active social media user in the world of millennials I’m sure you’ve seen and heard the word “boss” to describe ones self thrown around more times than you can stomach. Due to the seemingly inevitable trend of celebrating and duplicating extreme mediocrity, facades, and other sheepish behavior, the true definition of what a “boss” is and represents has gotten lost somewhere in the midst of all the smoke and mirrors, however Elite Eye Publishing got the chance to sit down with the law firm made for this generation, Simmons Law, to send out a few friendly and factual reminders and tips on what it takes to be a real boss and an asset to your community.

Simmons Law was founded in 2009 by Tiffany Simmons after she graduated from Florida A&M University and passed her bar exam on her first attempt, which many law students looking to practice law will tell you isn’t that easy of a task. Having a passion for business as well as helping people solve their problems is what laid Tiffany’s foundation to be able to be a part of the 5% of lawyer’s in America that are black women. Let me repeat that, only 5% of lawyer’s in America are black women. These are the types of women we want our generation of girls under us to see and recognize as true bosses. As we enter 2016, read on how girl boss, Tiffany Simmons and Simmons Law is gearing up to continue their journey of being a legal voice for this generation through offering great legal services, advice, and counsel as well as some entertainment as Tiffany prepares for her new reality series Atlanta Law, because lawyer’s and real girl bosses are LIT too!

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#TeamCancerFree: Help Free Finish the Fight Against Breast Cancer!

cancer free

#TeamCancerFREE is back for our 9th YEAR to walk in the 23rd Annual American Cancer Society’s (ACS)Making Strides Against Breast Cancer“. The walk will be held on October 4th in Boston.

This year, our mission is the same: to honor Free’s late mother Selina “Tina” Wright, and countless others who have been affected by this terrible disease. We walk to raise awareness for Breast Cancer prevention, and to support finding a cure.

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Millennial Movements: Endless Opportunities Welcomes Students Back to School in Style



Endless Opportunities is an organization based in Grand Rapids, MI that strives to create a positive and productive mind set and lifestyle for the youth as well as the entire community of Grand Rapids. In 2011, Endless Opportunities was created by Alvin Hills when he realized the need for more involved mentors in the city. On September 7th, 2015,  Endless Opportunities held their ‘5th Annual Back 2 School Cut-a-thon’ at Paul I Phillips (Boys & Girls Club) where students of all ages were able to receive free hair cuts for the young men, free hair styles for the young ladies, school supplies, food, and have the chance to participate in a special back to school raffle.

In additional to providing students with an extra boost of confidence with fresh hair cuts and new hair styles, today September 8th, Endless Opportunities took another step forward and welcomed the young men of Ottawa Hills High School back to school on their first day. Brandon McBride of Endless Opportunities decided that it would be even more encouraging and exciting to offer a warm welcome to the generation under ourselves into Ottawa Hills High School where he is an alumni with “The Evolution Movement.”

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Experience Elegance Event Planning with Kayla Heard

“The experience of elegance isn’t about being noticed, it’s about being remembered.”


Like many things in life, we rarely see what forces are behind creating the things that catch our eye and capture our attention. Experience Elegance Event Planning is a fresh face company founded in 2013 that is dedicated to making your event a graceful experience from the inside out and the force behind the continuously growing brand is CEO, Kayla Heard.

Recently graduating from Georgia State University with a BBA in Hospitality Administration, Kayla knew what her ultimate goal was before she even graduated and that was to develop her own company and brand as an event planner. Our generation of millennials is producing a great amount of entrepreneurs and creative focused careers, but only the elite minded will have the will power and finesse to carry out their vision to it’s fullest potential. While still finishing up her degree, Kayla wisely used her resources of networking and college refund to begin turning her dream of owning her own company into an actuality.

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