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Ca$h Out Interview: “Who’s Ca$hin Out” (Full Blast Magazine)

Ca$h Out Interview: “Who’s Ca$hin Out” (Full Blast Magazine)


Anybody with a condo on their wrist is definitely cashing out! Atlanta artist Ca$h Out is on FULL BLAST in every car, radio station, and club in Atlanta with his first single “Ca$hin Out” and it is quickly spreading throughout the country! With his first mixtape titled It’s My Time on its way to becoming platinum, Ca$h Out is living up to the title and planning on taking it to the next level. At a time where everyone is striving to be a rapper there are only a select few that can actually pull through and make a hit and Ca$h Out plans on riding the wave until he wipes out anyone in his path!

cash-out“Ca$hin Out” is a catchy and feel good song for the go getters to vibe to and is already being called the ‘Anthem of the Summer’ in the streets. The song receives constant play on MTV and premiered on BET where his fans are working on getting it in heavy rotation. “Ca$hin Out” gave Ca$h Out the chance to come out and waste no time to show the streets exactly how he got his name and what he’s about. Cashin out! We got the chance to speak with Ca$h Out about his future plans and what he wants you to feel when you hear his music. Being an emerging artist with a hit record has its perks and Ca$h Out lets us know exactly why you should keep him on FULL BLAST.

FBM: I know it’s not summer yet, but “Ca$hin Out” is something like the summer anthem. Do you have any shows and appearances we should be looking for?

Ca$h Out: Oh yeah. I got shows all this month and all next month, really all the way ’till the end of the year. We’re doing a lot of things pushing this mixtape (It’s My Time). The video just premiered on BET as the new joint so we’re trying to get that on the countdown. It’s on MTV already every day. We’ve just been working. The mix tape went gold and is on its way to platinum with over 500,000 views so we’re just grindin’ and everything is looking good.

FBM: Are you doing these shows in Atlanta or are you everywhere?

Ca$h Out: I don’t do a lot of shows in my city. I’ve been doing shows in North Carolina, South Carolina and I’ve got shows coming up in Panama City, Louisiana, I have to go back to New York to do this thing with MTV for the mixtape and an interview with BET. I try not to wear myself out in my city because you can see me in Atlanta anywhere. They’ve been calling, you know. The single is Top 20 on the charts right now and it’s been going up every week so I’m looking for that #1 spot whoever is at the top.

FBM: It is doing numbers. It’s our favorite song right now.

Ca$h Out: Yeah it’s gonna be real crazy once it finally reaches all around! They’re playing it in New York, they just started playing it in Dallas and Chicago. A lot of stations are adding the song and that’s what’s helping it climb the charts.

FBM: You know Wale gave you a shout out on the free style he did to the song? Have you heard it?

Ca$h Out: Man that was crazy! Once again, that was a blessing for a person of his caliber to recognize me and what I got going on. Him recognizing the song and the fan base that he has that’s just incredible for him to hop on there and even do a free style. He went in. That just gives me more notice as far as “Who’s that? Who’s Ca$h Out?” Now everybody else wanna do a verse or a freestyle.

FBM: Definitely! We just saw the interview you did with Hot 97 and you spoke about Jeezy having real motivation music. When people hear your music and mixtape what do you want them to feel?

Ca$h Out: I want ‘em to feel me. Like where I came from, where I been at, what I’ve been through and where I’m at now. Good uplifting music. You know you got the music for the older people. I got some R&B tracks on there, I got the street music, the club music. You know I’m just hitting all areas and covering all bases. You can just expect real life from me, you know. Some things might be exaggerated, but it’s a part of rapping. (Laughs) You can just expect great music from me. Like the mix tape is top to bottom. You don’t have to switch nan’ song. It’s all work, no play. I’m putting pressure on whoever is in my way.

FBM: Which song off the mixtape do you want to push for your next single?

Ca$h Out: We really gonna push some singles off the mixtape, but the label has their singles they want to push world- wide for the album coming up. We are definitely gonna do our part as an independent label and work this mixtape and get another single flowing. We definitely gotta do our end because before we got up there we been doing that so you know we gonna work that mixtape. Whatever the people feel, I feel like I chose “Ca$h Out” and the people chose it. Now I feel like I can let the people chose what the next one is. I feel like every song can potentially be on the radio as far as what I hear so I know this music can be on the radio.

FBM: The mixtape It’s My Time is basically all you. Was that intentionally to show exactly who you are as an artist?

Ca$h Out: Yeah I really wanted to set the bar of where I’m coming from. I didn’t get a lot of features because I didn’t want it to look like I needed another artist to hold me up. I wanted to set the bar for me. I really wanted to set an example, like 50 Cent. He didn’t have any features on his first album. He wanted to set the bar for his label and his team so you really have to go in and let em’ know I don’t need another artist to set this for me. Imma come with it regardless. It’s doing good for my first mixtape. Even Daniel at LiveMixtapes called and was like “Man, normally when an artist drops their first mixtape it barely gets 50,000 or 100,000 views so that’s great!” I’m over 500,000 now. I’m on my way to 700,000. I’m on my way to platinum now.

FBM: When your album drops is there anyone specific you want to have on there?

Ca$h Out: I just like working with great artists, you know. Jeremiah, Jeezy, Trey Songz, Bruno Mars, John Legend, Drake, Lil Wayne. It doesn’t matter to me. Whoever wanna get in and make great music. If it makes sense and it’s a great song I’m getting in with anybody.

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