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Brandon Williamson PRSVR: “Elevating Your Brand: PRSVR” (Full Blast Magazine)

Brandon Williamson PRSVR: “Elevating Your Brand: PRSVR” (Full Blast Magazine)


Living an “Elevated Lifestyle” not only consist of looking and feeling fly, but also having elevated principles like Passion, Resilience, Sacrifice, Values, and Respect. Put the state of living lavishly and these principles together and you have fashion and lifestyle brand, PRSVR! Newly launched this fall, Pesévérer (PRSVR) is a new Chicago-based lifestyle and fashion brand made for the elite. Online boutiques are becoming popular,but is for the popular!

11960520-prsvrPesévérer (pur suh vuh day) is the French translation for persevere or PRSVR ( Passion, Resilience, Sacrifice, Values, Respect) and is uniquely based on the idea of striving to better yourself as well as aspiring to inspire others. The brand was born in Chicago,IL and created by Brandon Williamson, who also created the leading sneaker app used to find shoes all over the world for Apple and Android app, SoleSearch. PRSVR is a unisex fashion brand that is meant to cater to the working men and women of the business world as they are jetbrandon setting and making moves.

“The brand was born out of sneaker travels from Chicago, to Australia, and back. While searching for sneakers all over the world, you can imagine the things you “wish” you had when going from cold climate to a warm and not wanting to pack that parka onto the airplane, or being able to have one item that is able to be translated from work to play,” CEO/Designer Brandon Williamson states.

The Debut of the Destination 2012 collection consisted of hand crafted outerwear, and luggage pieces all made of Nappa Leather, supple suede, and 80% of the time, Slaughter Free Leather. With the attention grabbing pink lining of the brand, which is used in attempt to mimic characteristics of the Flamingo and its alluring hue, there are other characteristics of the bird that have a significance to the brand. The Flamingo is the only being able to sustain its full body while using half of its support. PRSVR has taken that and made a parallel and presents itself as a company that can depend on any of our divisions to fully support the rest of our endeavors whether in Fashion, App Development, Management, or their Philanthropic activities.


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