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Dev Gillespie is an established writer, editor, journalist, and passionate contributor to our alluring culture. Based in Atlanta, Georgia after relocating from Michigan, Dev created a way to use her love of written story telling and finesse to assist brands, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and artists tell their story in the way they want it to be heard.
Dev Gillespie has worked with and contributed to brands including, but not limited to Funk Master Flex-, Atlanta’s Hot 107.9’s Word on the Streetz, The Mixx Magazine, and Free of 106th & Park- Building a writing portfolio around original content from covering live events and interviewing celebrities, music heavy hitters, and cultural influencers, capturing their stories as they unfold and painting their current picture with illustrative words is what separates Dev from this generation’s “blogger”. As a result of Dev’s contributions and networking, she’s also responsible for working with multiple artist and landing them in major media placements.
Along with entertainment and magazine writing, Dev Gillespie also writes business proposals, company and small business bios, as well as editing short stories and novels.

Expanding her brand, Dev Gillespie is introducing her own publishing company online, Elite Eye Publishing, where she will assist in telling each entrepreneur, small business, brand, artist, and company’s distinctive story to provide their customers, clients, and audience with a unique background and understanding of where they come from and where they’re going.
Elite Eye Publishing will center around the stories and journeys of the most innovative leaders, young and veterans, who display a genuine spirit in wanting to achieve the best for themselves, their surroundings, and their communities.
Elite Eye Publishing creates a way for Dev Gillespie to carry out her vision of bringing together leaders of today in different industries, around the world, and show casing their amazing stories to represent our generation and culture in a fun and exciting light, all the while maintaining and exuding an aura of elite leadership.  


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