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Month: May 2016

Hair Stylist Joanne Riley Provides Hair Care Advice and Mother’s Day Hair Special


When it comes to hair care sometimes we forget as women what constant styling, heat, and weaves can do to our naturally beautiful hair. The hair industry for black women has taken off into a lane of its own and while we love our sew ins, braids, and lace wigs, it’s important to take care of the hair that actually grows out of our heads and Joanne Riley is a savior for maintaining a full head of healthy hair.

Based in Grand Rapids, MI, Joanne prides herself on providing quality hair care to the community. Choosing a creative career came second nature to Joanne as she is also an interior designer with a unique eye for furniture that lead her to start her business, Personalized Blueprints. 

With Mother’s Day approaching, this mother of 2 is offering a great Mother’s Day special at the salon she works and is using her story in hopes of inspiring other mothers, women, and entrepreneurs. Read Joanne’s journey in her own words and be sure to get her contact information below! 

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