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Month: July 2015

Experience Elegance Event Planning with Kayla Heard

“The experience of elegance isn’t about being noticed, it’s about being remembered.”


Like many things in life, we rarely see what forces are behind creating the things that catch our eye and capture our attention. Experience Elegance Event Planning is a fresh face company founded in 2013 that is dedicated to making your event a graceful experience from the inside out and the force behind the continuously growing brand is CEO, Kayla Heard.

Recently graduating from Georgia State University with a BBA in Hospitality Administration, Kayla knew what her ultimate goal was before she even graduated and that was to develop her own company and brand as an event planner. Our generation of millennials is producing a great amount of entrepreneurs and creative focused careers, but only the elite minded will have the will power and finesse to carry out their vision to it’s fullest potential. While still finishing up her degree, Kayla wisely used her resources of networking and college refund to begin turning her dream of owning her own company into an actuality.

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